Vietnamese Genetic Variation Database

Example: chr1:2406784, rs61736380

Human genetic variation databases can be used as a reliable and powerful tool to evaluate functional effects of variants in genetic studies. The global databases such as the 1000 Human Genome Project database do not sufficiently cover human genetic diversity in Asia, especially in Southeast Asia.

We sequenced 305 genomes and exomes of healthy Kinh Vietnamese (KHV) people to characterize Vietnamese genetic variations. We also aggregated 101 previously published KHV genomes to create a comprehensive Vietnamese genetic variant database of 406 unrelated KHV people. The KHV database contains about 25 millions of variants (SNPs and indels) including more than 99.3% of common variants with a frequency of above 1%. The high detection power affirms that the Vietnamese genetic variation database contributes as an invaluable resource for genetic studies and applications.

How to cite this database:   Vinh S. Le, Kien T. Tran, Hoa T. P. Bui, Huong T. T. Le, Canh D. Nguyen, Duong H. Do, Lan T. M. Dao, Liem T. Nguyen. A Vietnamese human genetic variation database. Human Mutation. 2019; 40: 1664–1675.

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